5 Top Tips Seville Fair for beginners

5 Top Tips Seville Fair for beginners 


  1. Look for a map of the feria. Remember,you will walk a lot, better to know where the places are. The official Seville Fair Map 2015
  2. Go with locals. Only this Wednesday is a holyday, the rest of the week we all work. If it not possible, have a look to these links of public casetas in the Feria 2015  
  3. Don´t forget to eat, please. Rebujito is a mix of sherry wine and sprite. Very soft and fresh but also a high alcoholic drink 
  4. There is "alvero" sand on the floor: we recommend you not to wear sandals (and of course no socks. Sevillanos used to wear pretty clothes, why not you? U R pretty!!! 
  5. Go with the flow: Even the locals, won´t know how will go each day. We are sure at what time and who we will meet there, no more... enjoy, drink a lot of water too and take care of yourself!!! There is a LOST CHILDREN CASETA, where your friends can always find you ...ahahahah