8 things nobody tells you about how to dress Flamenco at Seville Fair

1.- Wearing hair long and loose is not allowed. Hair must bebound and must drawn back in ponytails, braids or buns. One or two fashionable big flowers , every year bigger which sometimes I believe is too big, go on the top


2.- Do not paint a mole´s face on, which is out of fashion


3.- Do not wear your "mantoncillo=Triangular small shawl with fringes on both sides" on your hips


4.- Do not wear low heels shoes: from medium to high heels. It is a good idea to use medium-high heels esparto shoes. Never wear sandals just because you walk on a rough sand floor and have to dodge some horse poo during the day at "Real de la Feria". After 8pm all streets are completely clean .


5.- Do not use your smartphone as a new flamenco complement. Never put at the neckline of your dress. All my flamenco dresses had and now, have a hidden inside pocket for personal small items


6.- Not wearing a jacket or sweater when it's chilly. You can wear a bigger flamenca shawl or a woolen flamenca shawl 


7.- Not wearing 1001 complements at the same time. Less quantity more quality


8.- Not all the flamenco dresses are so expensive. You can find out great deals out of the season, locals know where... that will be a new post ;-) 


Feel free to wear and feel "guapa" , that ´s the point my dear ;)!