Experience Intro to Flamenco Dance on streaming

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Immersing yourseft into the Flamenco Culture being part of a unique online flamenco experience on streaming with Zoom App (the best high quality sound and image for online lessons)

If is your first time, do not hesitate, I am your teacher ;).  As a flamenco dancer- singer and teacher,  I love sharing this art to anyone who wants to immerse into this unique culture. I am experienced beginners flamenco teacher, I have been teaching beginners for the last 7 years and 100% local, so you will learn to undestand, enjoy and dance flamenco with a local taste. For the last year. I have been teaching absolute beginners for the last 7 years. In 2019 I have teached 2.537 beginners and absolute beginners. Ranking #1 on flamenco lesson for beginers in Seville, Spain.  I´ve started teaching online!  Your motivation and wifi at home paired with my flamenco know-how. Oole!



  • ScheduleFlexible from Monday to Sunday
  • Duration: 1h
  • Content:
    • ​Let us briefly introduce ourselves. Then we'll start from zero and you'll learn a brief introduction of Flamenco's origins and culture that will make you undestand more Flamenco.  Once we will be focus on flamenco dance,  we will brake everything into pieces going on basic body positions, professional footwork, flamenco rhythms and basic arms-hands work. After feeling comfortable with them, you will be ready to learn and dance a brief fun flamenco routine in one flamenco style with local taste.
    • At the end of the lesson I would drink something together and I will be happy to listen your feedbacks, discuss the experience, talk about sevillian traditions and all the questions about flamenco or traditions or Seville City you want to share with me.
    • Afterwards you will received a video link including the main excercices and the dance routine, we have done, by email to practice at home.
  • ​Online tool: Zoom. Stable Intenet Connection: Consistent Wifi at home is required
  • Price: 15€ per person
  • Includes: Flamenco Online Lesson and a Video of the work out on Vimeo to review it afterwards
  • Recomendations:
    • FEMALE dress code but not necessary  casual with confortable shoes. Medium-heeled shoes or sneakers(better not platforms shoes or sandals or high heel shoes), a shawl, a flower on your hair and a flattered skirt or dress. Flamenco outfit for the lesson always helps
    • MALE dress code but not necessary: casual and confortable shoes. Dress shoes or sport ones and a vest.Flamenco outfit for the lesson always helps
    • Some drinks to cheers at the end of the experience
  • Group size: from 1 person to 3 people
  • For who? Everyone from 8 y.o.
  • Languages: English or Español.




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Photos by @jessicaarneback