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What I am used to share with my guests, family and friends, those who are interested in it, is "What no body tells you about ..."

#SPEAK ANDALUSIAN.Part 2 "20 Survival Expressions more in Sevillian-Andalusian Spanish (Andalú de Sevilla)"

#LEARN FLAMENCO "7 things no one tells you about Flamenco"

#DRESSUP FLAMENCO DRESS "8 things nobody tells you about how to dress Flamenco at Seville Fair"

#GOTO SEVILLA FAIR "5 Top Tips Seville Fair for beginners" 

#SEEIN TRIANA "The Giralda through the heart of Belmonte"

#TASTE TRADITIONS "Eat "Puchero" and "Pringá" or "Potaje" at home with a Sevillano"

#SEE STREETMARKETS "Real Arts-Crafts at Weekends Street Markets"

#CYCLE IN THE CITY "The best way of discovering Seville"

#FEED THE PIGEONS "Enjoy it like a kid in Parque Maria Luisa"

#TASTE "Order "boquerones en adobo" "marinated anchovies" in Bar Blanco Cerrillo"


#SPEAK ANDALUSIAN "The Clock-Time in "Andalu". An easy way of not feeling foggy brained "estaá empanao" in Sevilla"

#SPEAK ANDALUSIAN. Part 1 "20 Survival Expressions in Sevillian-Andalusian Spanish (Andalú de Sevilla )"

​#LEARN SPANISH "5 Spanish Learning Tips they dont teach you at school"



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