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What I am used to share with my guests, family and friends, those who are interested in it, is "What no body tells you about ..."


How to clap FLAMENCO RHYTHMS in one hour

SPEAK ANDALUSIAN.Part 2 "20 Survival Expressions more in Sevillian-Andalusian Spanish (Andalú de Sevilla)"

LEARN FLAMENCO "7 things no one tells you about Flamenco"

DRESSUP FLAMENCO DRESS "8 things nobody tells you about how to dress Flamenco at Seville Fair"

GOTO SEVILLA FAIR "5 Top Tips Seville Fair for beginners" 

SEE IN TRIANA "The Giralda through the heart of Belmonte"

TASTE TRADITIONS "Eat "Puchero" and "Pringá" or "Potaje" at home with a Sevillano"

SEE STREETMARKETS "Real Arts-Crafts at Weekends Street Markets"

CYCLE IN THE CITY "The best way of discovering Seville"

FEED THE PIGEONS "Enjoy it like a kid in Parque Maria Luisa"

TASTE "Order "boquerones en adobo" "marinated anchovies" in Bar Blanco Cerrillo"

SPEAK ANDALUSIAN "The Clock-Time in "Andalu". An easy way of not feeling foggy brained "estaá empanao" in Sevilla"

SPEAK ANDALUSIAN. Part 1 "20 Survival Expressions in Sevillian-Andalusian Spanish (Andalú de Sevilla )"

​LEARN SPANISH "5 Spanish Learning Tips they dont teach you at school"




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