Diego BIO


Diego Reyes Fernandez is a flamenco guitarist born in Córdoba and since childhood has lived in Seville. In his family there are great Flamenco artists from the middle of the 19th century such as: La Jilica, El Cuacua, Paco el Clavero or Manuel de Palma. Diego began playing flamenco guitar at the age of seven with his uncle Manuel de Palma. At the age of sixteen, he entered the Cristóbal de Morales Conservatory doing intermediate studies specializing in Flamenco Guitar and at twenty-three specialized further in Flamenco Guitar towards achieving a higher degree at the Rafael Orozco Conservatory in Córdoba. In 2022, Diego achieved a Master of Flamenco degree at the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville. In the artistic field Reyes Fernandez has worked in different flamenco clubs and festivals, currently performing in different tablaos in Seville and with IShowU Sevilla as a guitarist accompanying flamenco dance classes and singing.