Enjoy an afternoon like a trianero and a dominoes workshop


Immersing yourself into Triana´s barrio life. You will take part in their everyday life and enjoy it with insiders. Discover Triana quarter like a local!

I love Flamenco and Triana. I am absolutely pleased to share my passions with you.  Triana is the hood where I was born and where I life. I want you to enjoy  its authenticity  and what has made it so unique: its people.Dominoes it a must in our family, we all know how to play but the pros are my Uncle Rorro and my Dad Lorenzo. A very special local and familiar experience

After meeting up at Cervecería La Grande at 12.30pm, you will know more about the history and traditions of Triana. We will visit the non touristy parts of Triana and how a trianero enjoy a morning through the eyes of an authentic "trianera". 

At 13pm we will be at the Bar, where my Dad, Uncle Rorro and me, have spent plenty of special moments, Then you will learn how to pour a beer and  to play dominoes by the hands of local experts, my family. The only speaks spanish so I will guide you all the experience. Get ready to take a gamble and become the winnig team!


  • Schedule: Tuesday-Sunday-except bank holidays and in August- at 12.30pm ask for availability
  • Duration: 1.5 hours.
  • Price depends on Private or Open groups: From 40€/person.
  • Includes: Discovering Triana like a local, visiting the Triana Market, pouring beer & domino master class at the Bar of Manolo. Drinks: one soft drink Food: fresh fruits at the market & "picoteo" cold tapas to share at the Bar of Lorenzo. Local Tips and a lot of fun. 
  • Group size: Minimum 2 / Maximum 4 people
  • Meeting point: at Cervecería La Grande
  • Languages: English, Español


A unforgettable travel experience!

We wanted to know much more about the sevillano culture and traditions. We are a well travelled couple, who love immersing ourselves in the non touristic areas of the cities. Triana barrio´s life was awesome! A fab introdution on the dairly life of a trianero. We were the only "guiris" foreigners on the area. Watching the differents coffee making, pouring beers and playing domino was so much fun! We have learnt so much! Thank you Eva and Co., just unforgettable! Come to Amsterdam, let´s plan a catch up there! . Jaap & Annelisse , Amsterdam. Private Travel Agency´s review


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