Offline IShowU Flamenco Dance Class for beginners in Seville


  • Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 12PM , 1.30PM & 3PM
  • Tuesdays & Thurdays at 3PM
  • Saturdays & Sundays at 10.30AM, 12PM, 3.30PM & 5PM


SPECIAL SPRING FESTIVAL (Feria de Sevilla: 2 - 6 May 2022)

  • Monday to Friday at 12PM, 1.30PM & 3PM



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Ask for Availability  +34 626 00 78 68

Immerse yourself into the Flamenco culture in a professional flamenco studio in Triana hood.


We'll start from zero and you'll learn a brief introduction of Flamenco's origins, concepts and culture. Important to understand better the following flamenco shows or venues. Then  we will go on barking everything into pieces: basic body positions, professional footwork, flamenco rhythms and hand clappings and basic arms-hands work. After feeling comfortable with them, we will start ,matching the pieces and you will be ready to learn and dance a fun flamenco routine in one flamenco style with local taste wearing a typical shawl and a big flamenco flower or a flamenco scarf. 
During the last part of the lesson, you can record the performance on your phone or take pictures to keep your flamenco memories in Seville forever. I will also be happy to chat with you and share my local tips to get the most out of your stay in this magic city.

If later attending a Flamenco venue, this will give you a better understanding of the difficulties and the hours of practice it requires and you will appreciate better its intensity. Ask for your best Flamenco Venue options 

  • Schedule:
    • Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 12AM , 1PM & 3PM
    • Tuesdays & Thurdays at 3PM
    • Saturdays&Sundays at 10.30AM, 12PM, 3.30PM & 5PM
  • Duration: 1hrPrice dancing lesson: 23€/person. Book Now? Ask for Availability  +34 626 00 78 68
  • Includes: Flamenco Dance Class, water and basic flamenco outfit-a big flower as a gift
  • Some recommendations about dress codes for the lesson:
    • casual, comfortable clothes and shoes. Medium heeled shoes (not platforms or sandals) for women or dress shoes for men are recommended but NOT NECESSARY. Better sport shoes/sneakers than sandals or platforms in any case. It is a plus wearing a flattered dress or skirt. If you dress up in black or red or white would combine better the red outfit: flowers and shawls.
    • If you feel like wearing an outfit, there are flamenco shoes for 5€pair and flamenco skirts or flamenco vests for 5€per person. In that case, let me know in advance please. 






  • Group size: Minimum 1 people, Maximum 8 people. For larger groups ask pricing
  • For who? Children from 8 y.o. Solo, Couples, Families, Friends, Barchelorette Parties, Celebrations & Work Events
  • Meeting point: Pro Studio at 15 Evangelista St. in Triana hood. A 10 min walk from city center
  • Languages: English and Español


+34 626 00 78 68 

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