Private In Person Flamenco Master Classes with Outfit


1.- Guests and host will keep social distance. Bring your own mask.

2.- Wash your hands before and after your experience. Hands sanitized are available.

3.- All guests touchpoints at the studio are frecuently cleaned.


Adapted, personalized and tailor made private workshops to puppils needs and skills #withEva

Immerse yourself into the Flamenco culture. Everybody can enjoy dancing flamenco with a local taste! Enjoy my special private flamenco classes for beginners and absolute beginners!

Are you a beginner or an absolute beginner? Are you interested in learning a bit more about Flamenco?   Do not care about it. Flamenco is not easy at all , so classes and workshops are adapted and personalized to puppils skills and start from 0 and I will customize it for you. So relax, learn and enjoy!

We'll start from zero and you'll learn a brief introduction of Flamenco's origins, concepts and culture that will make you undestand Flamenco, Professional vs Local and the following flamenco shows . Then,  we will brake everything into pieces going on basic body positions, professional footwork, flamenco rhythms, handclapping and basic arms-hands work. After feeling comfortable with them, you will be ready to learn and dance a fun flamenco routine in one flamenco style with local taste wearing a typical red shawl and a big red flamenco flower.

During the last part of the lesson, you can record the performance on your phone or take pictures to keep your flamenco memories in Seville forever.

I will also be happy to chat with you and share my local tips to get the most out of your stay in this magic city.Immerse yourself into the Flamenco culture at a professional flamenco studio at the city center, nearby Triana, the most emblematic hood!

  • Schedule: Monday-Sunday
  • Duration:
    • Flamenco only dance master class 1 hr.
    • Flamenco history/styles/palms/dance master class 1.5hrs/2hrs
    • Flamenco Worshops for beginners 5hrs or 10hrs 
    • Available: only dance master class with a flamenco guitarrist and singer from 1hr.
    • Available: history/styles/palms/dance master class with a guitarrist and singer from 1hr or 5hrs or 10hrs workshop
  • Price Private Lesson: 40€/hour/person minimun 2 people. Book Now!
  • Includes:
    • Flamenco Master Class,
    • Flamenco complete outfit:
      • ​for female: flamenco shoes, flamenco studio skirts, t-shirts, flamenco shawls "mantoncillo" and flamenco big flowers
      • for male: flamenco shoes, t-shirts, pants, flamenco scarves "pañuelo" and flamenco vests "chaleco" 
    • Sevillano Tips
    • and a lot of fun.
  • Group size: Minimum 1 person. Ask for larger private groups or barchelorette class or customized classes.
  • For who? Everyone. Children from 5 y.o. 
  • Meeting point: pending
  • Languages: English, Deutsch and Español.


Amazing personality with great teaching skills!

We booked a 1,5 hour Flamenco class with Eva. It started with a chat about Flamenco because Eva thinks you can only start dancing if you have a little knowledge about the dance and its history. It was a very interesting beginning and she explained it in a clear and passionate way. What followed was a fun dancing lesson and we actually ended up doing a whole routine! So great. Eva was challenging and encouraging us so it never felt akward. I would highly recommend this unique, fun experience with Eva. Danielle G, Holland . Tripavsor´s review



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